The Money Spot coaches gathered on a stairwell.

Real advice for the real world

The Money Spot helps Virginia Commonwealth University students achieve financial freedom with expert (and free) advice from money coaches who understand the day-to-day challenges of VCU students — because they're students, too, and they've been in your shoes.


Our services

Attend a money coaching session and get a free Red Eye cookie

A one-on-one coaching session will provide guidance and advice tailored to your individual needs in a setting that allows for questions and exploration. All coaching sessions are confidential; your information will never be shared with any outside individual or group. Every student that comes in for a money coaching session receives a voucher for a free Red Eye cookie.

To schedule an individual appointment with a money coach, email

Schedule an in-class presentation

If you are a student organization representative or a VCU faculty member, you can request a money coach to speak with your group or class. These presentations are efficient ways to share important financial knowledge, and the content can be tailored to the focus of your group.

For more information, email

Attend an on-campus workshop or pop-up event

We hold regular seminars devoted to our most popular topics like building credit and repaying student loans. These workshops are open to all VCU students. We also host one-time special events. Check our Facebook feed for a full schedule of events.

How we can help

  • Setting financial goals: We'll help you define what financial success means for you — and how you can get there.
  • Creating spending plans: We'll help you identify and understand your sources of income and your spending habits, then make sure that you have a financially responsible path forward. 
  • Understanding your student loans: We'll map out how you can pay for school and how to repay loans after graduation.
  • Assessing your financial health: We'll take a full picture of your financial stability and identify any problem areas.
  • Building credit: We'll teach you how to navigate the credit reporting system, how to pull credit reports and how to build a strong credit score.